Lu's work in education has included workshops, talks and trainings across several demographics: 


For teachers: (Zoom 2020-2021) trainings, workshops, in-service presentations.


For students: (now online) workshops, assemblies, improv, musical storytelling, creative arts, character ed through musical theater on 9 WYSH pillars of thriving including themes of courage, authenticity, respect, empathy, connection, trust and empowerment 

Recent Talks for Teachers:   

  • "Reducing Zoom Fatigue"; "Taking the Gloom Out of Zoom"

  • "This is Your Brain on Teaching"

  • "How Fear Gets in the Way of Learning

  • "The Power of Curiosity to Reduce Stress"

Recent Talks for Students: adapted accordingly for K-12

  • "From Stress to Strength"

  • "Brain Imaginastics" TM

  • "Emotional Rollercoasters & Mental Potholes" 

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LEADERSHIP: Personal, professional and organizational transformation, brain-based coaching, workshops, keynotes, retreats for corporate leadership, executives, teams and individuals


(Online) Workshops, keynotes, retreats, half-day, daylong; classes and seminars

Popular Topics:

  • "Cultivating Resilience in Times of Uncertainty and Unpredictability"

  • "7 Promotive Factors of Resilience"

  • "Mindful Practices for Self-Regulation, Attention, and Engagement in the Workplace"

  • "Harnessing Hot Emotions and Stressors to Shift Reactivity to Proactivity"

  • "The Science and Restorative Power of Sleep"

Copyright Lu Hanessian C 2017 All rights reserved


WOMEN: (online) Workshops, retreats, half-day, daylong, weekend; classes and seminars on the science of wellbeing, befriending stress, power of emotion, practicing mindfulness, keys to understanding and positive change

Popular Topics

  • "Rut-Busting & Gut-Trusting: Finding and Following Your Own Voice"

  • "From Chaos to Calm"

  • "Wisdom, Wellbeing and Harnessing Our Authentic Power"

STUDENTS: Workshops, keynotes, retreats, half-day, daylong; classes and seminars  

Recent Topics:

  • "How To Feel and Deal: The Positive Power of Emotion"

  • "Calming Your Mind and Body in One Minute (and Other Superpowers)"

  • "Practicing Mindfulness in a Mad, Mad World"

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