Agility in Adversity


Custom Virtual Programming, Sessions, Workshops and Courses

Applied Neuroscience and Pandemic Resilience

Mindful Communication for Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Intelligence + Team Agility

Conflict Management and Resolution

Management vs. Engagement 

Mind-Brain Strength Training

Focused Attention + Motivation

Dialogue + Integrative Listening

Building A Culture of Trust

"Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR")

Living + Working in a VUCA World

1:1 + Group Management Leadership

Applied Positive Psychology for Businesses

"New Coping Skills" for the Pandemic Workplace

Adaptive Leadership for Pandemic Resilience

Mindful Leadership in the Pandemic

Creating Safe Spaces in Workplaces

Driving Innovation in Upheaval

Staff Resilience-Building Skills

Boosting Agility and Agency

Leading Through Chaos

Preventing Burnout

Managing Anxiety in Uncertainty

Shifting Reactive Patterns to Proactive

Forecast for the Future of At-Home Work

Trauma-Informed Resilience-Centered Teams

Mindfulness + Wellbeing

Resilience-Building Practices

Trauma and Stress Awareness

Emotional Intelligence + Empathy

The Science of Trust

Boosting Executive Function in Stress

Neuroplasticity and Positive Change

Self-Care and Vicarious Resilience

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