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Lu Hanessian is an award-winning journalist and twenty-five year veteran former television anchor turned neuroscience-based consultant, conflict resolution facilitator, researcher, and trauma-informed, resilience-centered educator, trainer, adjunct professor, working across multiple sectors with companies, non-profits, educational institutions, and the public sector.


As President and Founder of Integrate Resilience, Lu distills multidisciplinary scientific research and evidence-based practice, education and training to create and facilitate trauma-informed, resilience-centered programs; provide neuroscience-based mindful leadership development; co-cultivate trust, interconnectivity and creative flexibility in teams and communities; and build scaffolding for cognitive and embodied resilience.


In the educational domain, as an adjunct professor, Lu designs and teaches workshops, program series, expert trainings, college workshops and semester courses, and consults on trauma-informed pedagogy and curriculum development. She integrates interdisciplinary research and science-based practice in interpersonal neurobiology, stress and trauma sciences, adaptive capacity and self-regulation, peace-building, conflict resolution and restorative justice, and bio-psychosocial ecosystems of wellbeing.

Since 2010, Lu has been the founder and director of Parent2ParentU, an online educational resource and community supporting parents and caregivers, through strengths-based, trauma-sensitive, biopsychosocial education, grounded in attachment science, neuroscience, developmental and affect psychology, and social emotional resilience-building science and practices.


As an independent researcher over the last few years, Lu has been exploring the generative dynamics of personal resilience in the face of trauma, as well as potential drivers of adversarial growth, how they manifest in the (in)formation of new narratives around self-agency and self-reported stories of transformation through adversity, and how these personal experiences might promote restorative, healing processes, relational safety, trust, and belonging in larger group contexts for collective resilience.

Lu Hanessian is an award-winning journalist, author of several books, and former NBC network anchor and Discovery Health Channel host, as well as host of more than thirteen shows, with more than 25 years of national and international broadcast journalism experience. She has parlayed her vast experience into resilience-centered media literacy, research, advocacy, and consultation, with a lens on trauma-informed journalism, public health, and the "neuroethics of news". 

Her articles and essays have been published in The New York Times, Mindful, Mothering, USA Today, and more. Her newest book "Return to Tender", on the power of parent-child connection, will be published later this year. She has written two illustrated books "The Garden: A Parenting Parable" and "Picnic on a Cloud", brought to visual life by artist Tanya Leonello.

Lu holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Management and Resolution MSc from the University of San Diego Kroc School for Peace and Justice Studies. 

She is host of the upcoming podcast "The Foreseeable Now" (Mindful MediaWorks, Fall 2021).

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