Lu Hanessian, MSc, President and Founder of Integrate Resilience, is a senior neuroscience-based transformational management and team consultant, educator, and facilitator for corporations, businesses, and educational institutions.


Lu designs and facilitates programs, workshops and training sessions drawing from an integration of science-based practices in relational neuroscience, resilience training, stress management and adaptive leadership, sharing cutting-edge science and practices in emotional intelligence, wellbeing, engagement and belonging, positive psychology, promoting agility, innovation and creativity through building cultures of trust. Consulting and coaching services are for CEO’s and business management, as well as for managers and their employees and teams.

Lu Hanessian is also an award-winning journalist, author, and former NBC network anchor and Discovery Health Channel host with more than 25 years of national and international broadcast journalism experience. She has parlayed her vast experience into media literacy, research, advocacy, and consultation, with a lens on trauma-informed journalism, public health, and resilience.

"Navigating, working, and leading through uncertainty, fear, and chronic stress has had a profound, sweeping, global impact on every aspect of our lives. The purpose of "Integrate Resilience" is to facilitate and support teams, leaders, and people across multiple sectors of society to build resilience in the face of adversity, anchor in community with others, and cultivate agency, agility, connection and trust."
Lu Hanessian, MSc



Lu Hanessian is an award-winning science journalist, author, researcher, educator, facilitator, consultant, and speaker, working across multiple sectors, offering interactive and experiential science-based, courses, workshops, and trainings, integrating relational neuroscience, self/co-regulation, emotional intelligence, affective science, trauma-informed stress management, vicarious resilience, media literacy, social justice, and adaptive leadership.

Lu holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Management and Resolution MSc from the University of San Diego Kroc School for Peace and Justice Studies, where she focused her thesis on the generative dynamics of resilience from a trauma-informed-resilience centered systems approach to growth through adversity. She is a college lecturer and designs and teaches graduate level courses.

She is veteran journalist, former NBC Network anchor, Discovery Channel host, the host of more than thirteen shows over twenty-five years, and the author of five books, including the forthcoming "Practice Makes Present" (2021) on the science of mind-brain-body connection, agility, and leadership based on her SAFE Model.

She is host of the upcoming podcast "The Foreseeable Now" (Mindful MediaWorks).

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