Explore the REALM of Resilience.

Integrate Resilience provides neuroscience-based personal and professional consulting and coaching, which draws from a multi-disciplinary realm of sciences and research-based methods that promote the process and applied practice of cultivating emotional intelligence, stress and trauma awareness, self-regulation, self-agency, optimized growth, brain integration, positive change, and resilience. 

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What is resilience?

Decades of research, across multiple disciplines from developmental psychology to interpersonal neurobiology, metallurgy to cultural and social sciences, physics to neuroplasticity, scientists have studied the characteristics of resilience and the factors that might promote it.

Research on human potential and the capacity for growth in adversity has revealed fascinating discoveries about how we are wired and how our innate chemistry, systems, and circuitry are impacted by thresholds of stress. What determines how we cope and what expands our repertoire of actions in a given moment?


Resilience is not a trait or a talent. It is more like a continuum, a process of unfolding, non-linear, dynamic, like a forward-moving spiral, pushing us outward, forward, a toward. Resilience is both vulnerable to loss and strengthened through that vulnerability.


There are factors that promote resilience. Practices which, we now know, expand our capacity to, not just bounce back, but be transformed through challenge, adversity, and trauma. We can access and strengthen that capacity through harnessing the ripple effect of resilience.