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"Neuroethics and the News" -I'm exploring intersections of brain science, the changing role of the press in the war of disinformation, media literacy, and the social brain in a framework of collective trauma and resilience (2020-21)

"Agile Generation" - I'm studying generative dynamics of resilience in Generation Z youth, fulcrums of adversity and hope, the science of restorative relationship, thresholds for growth,

and the elements of co-created supportive networks (2019-21)

Recent Projects



What does mindfulness have to do with raising children to thrive? How does becoming a more mindful parent, teacher, leader, facilitator help us cultivate meaningful practices of self-care, connection, and compassion in our families, classrooms, and communities? As a long-time advocate, educator and practitioner of mindfulness, Lu guides groups through 9 powerful elements of how mindfulness can reduce conflict, stress and boost joy, connection and wellbeing. From home to school to community. Building peace from the inside out. 


brain imaginasticsTM

Synthesizing cutting-edge findings from multi-disciplinary fields of brain science positive psychology, social-emotional intelligence, education and mindfulness to create the foundational elements of BI, Lu's curriculum combines a powerful blend of teaching, group work, dynamic expressive arts, "unvetted" writing, interactive story-telling, play and improv. Promotes SEL, EQ and pro-social communities of engaged classrooms. For students and teachers. Onsite/Online teacher trainings, student workshops.



An online workshop for news "consumers" to cultivate media literacy, deeper reflective skills, powers of discernment in disinformation culture. What is the role of the press in this current public health in crisis? How can we, as "consumers" not become consumed by news? How can we widen our own lens as news literate citizens? What are our unique vulnerabilities in how we're wired that make us receptive to disinformation, polarization and fear? And how can we cultivate collective resilience? A one-of-a-kind workshop to enlighten, educate, and empower us in a changing media ecosystem. 



When we know better, we don't always apply what we know to do better. That's not our failure of character, will or imagination. It's an invitation to understanding the science of sustainable positive change from an inside out perspective, from "our cells to our selves to society". Lu guides, teaches, and shares practical insights, exercises, digestible neuroscience, applied positive psychology, science-based tools for proactive communication and listening, and real-life application of how we create sustainable change in ourselves, relationship, the workplace, and in our communities. Course can be modified in length to meet needs.

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