"I am so thankful for Lu's wonderful ability to assess, dissect and then come up with great insight on how to heal and resolve so many different issues that we all face. 

She is one who educates and unites us through the power of her conscious communication. Thank you, Lu Hanessian, for being an uplifting presence."

Gina W

"Lu leads such powerful workshops with an unique mix of extraordinary knowledge, compassion, and energy. For so many of us, the workshops are a safe place where we connect, share, and learn tools that we can take back to our lives. I always come away standing taller, with a lighter heart, knowing I'm better equipped to handle life's inevitable twists and turns."  

                                                                                           Karen H

Lu explores and interconnects a dynamic array of themes and practices, including... 


-the science and practice of self-regulation

-interpersonal neurobiology: how relationships shape our brain/mind, deepening connection

-attachment science, science of connection;

-power of emotion, science of positivity, enhancing mind-body wellbeing

-repairing the breaks to cultivate resilience

-practice of self-compassion, gratitude, awe

-trauma and resilience...

Mindful leadership, Mindfulness in the workplace:

-benefits of mindfulness practice 

-the science and practice of thriving, flourishing; 

-the power of positivity and positive emotions; the upside of emotion contagion

-building high EQ workplaces; 

-getting unstuck; understanding the root of rigidity and how to work through it

-interpersonal, mindful communication; NVC non-violent communication

-conflict resolution; reflective listening; communication patterns; reframing

-reducing stress and chaos in community; cultivating positive influence in leadership

For parents and educators, Lu's area of expertise and focus include:


-child development

-conscious parenting through the life span

-brain development, brain science

-interpersonal neurobiology: how relationships shape our brain/mind, deepening connection

-attachment and connection;

-cultivating emotional intelligence

-conflict resolution, relational repair

-mindfulness in parenthood

-autism spectrum gifts and challenges

-gifted kids and sensitive children

-2E twice exceptional kids (gifted with special needs)

-education: learning styles, motivation, mindset

-social and emotional learning

-positive emotions and wellbeing

-stress resilience...and more, all presented through a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, and empowering integration of inspiration, positive emotion psychology, mindfulness, healing arts,mind-body science, and interpersonal neurobiology. 

© 2017 Lu Hanessian

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